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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

cyber world

hmmmmmmmmm. what to write. i'll just go with it.

i started talking to PD this week. wow, talk about a rush of memories i'd rather forget. he found me in facebook and i guess everything's cool. weird. he's in philly, pa now. stupid artist. why do i always go for the moody artist types? he wants me to stop through on my way to nyc for break. lol.

CMK and i are going to NY. alone. not sure if i should be concerned??? it's completely logical. i'm headed up to niagra falls to visit family, etc. and he has an internship interview in NYC. tell me it doesn't make sense. my parents aren't going to see it that way. i'm working on it though. we'll see....

we took pictures with the deer last night. if you haven't heard about these, well then, are you living in a cave? anywho. There is a sculpture on campus, outside of Herron, of two deer. Fucking. Missonary. Very detailed. These will be on facebook soon. what else are you going to do at 11:30 on a monday night?

i have girl scout cookies. yum. is it 11 yet? nope. not even close. oh well. life is good. hope all is well with everyone out there in cyber world!!


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