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Thursday, February 23, 2006

politics on campus

As the Spring semester rolls on many things happen at IUPUI. New policies for next years' campus are discussed. USG elections. Rolling down hills. Climbing the fountain. Taking pictures with the fucking deer. And I can say that because they are fucking. Gotta' love Herron. Stupid art students. And once again the campus is full of political bullshit. New this year: I am getting involved. Yes, I'm being political.

The much debated topic for next year: IUPUI becoming a nonsmoking campus. Fuck you. This entails that if I walk down Michigan Street the second I cross West Street I can be ticketed for smoking. On the sidewalk. If I sit in my car in the parking lot and smoke, I can be ticketed. WTF, mate? And campus housing, completely smoke free. How can they enforce this? We're already planning protests. It's my right if I want to kill myself. I understand this. It's not like I'm sitting in front of a door, blowing smoke in peoples faces. I generally go to an area where it is easy for people to avoid the smoke. Go to Hell. You can't enforce this. It's an infringement on my rights for you to even try. Discriminating bastards.

USG Elections: I am generally a person with the theory of "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote." I am now a "vote for anyone, but the PEOPLE's Party" person. Okay, your platform is to increase student involvement and let the students know where their money is being spent. I get that. Walking into a USG meeting with a "hit list" of the the majority of the executive board and committee chairs and saying that they are self serving, biased and corrupt was stupid. Not attending the debates because the "people that are going to be there aren't important" just because we belong to nonacademic student groups. Your entire theory of how to accomplish your goals is to take the funding way from nonacademic student groups. How does that help build communittee? You're taking away the ability of the most active groups on campus to be active. You don't make any sense and I'M campaigning to vote for anyone but you. If you win, you'll effectively end all of the active groups on campus. Fuck off. I have worked too hard, spent too much time and money on making Swing Cats the most recongnizable group on campus and in the Indianapolis Community for you to fuck it up. Get off yourself you self serving assholes.

End Rant.


  • At Thu Feb 23, 04:34:00 PM, Blogger ~*~Anita Marie~*~ said…

    OMG I totally agree! those people party people are CRAZY psycho peoples ....

    as for the smoking thing ... sara beth riddle ... *sigh ... they are doing that so you don't kill the rest of us with second hand smoke :( especially me ...

    but i still love you anyway even if you never have time to talk to me :) lol jk love you girly!


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